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Welcome to the website of the British Cats Cattery Z Grodu Calisia * PL
2016-04-02 - new litter "J"

30.03.2016 r. our Doda born 6 blue kittens.This time we were born 3 males and 3 females. Dad is a wonderful male IC Charlie Browns Anthem living in the kennel Diamiland * PL


2016-04-02 - new photos litter "I"

I would like to invite to the gallery, where you can see new pictures of our kittens from litter "I", which ended two months.
The photo next are IWO and IBBI. 

All kittens are already reserved.

2016-02-14 - Walentines litter I

We would like to introduce our Walentine's kittens.

Kittens from litter I was born 03.02.2016 r and today they have 11 days and start to open eyes. 

2016-01-02 - Werbena will be mummy

Werbena belly gets bigger, so with great pleasure to announce that the end of January we expect birth of kittens from the litter "I".

Parents are: CH Werbena Cogito * PL and IC Hagrid z Roubenky, CZ.

Possible colors of kittens: chocolate and chocolate with white.

Persons willing owning a kitten from our cattery, please contact us.

2015-11-21 - International Cat Show Łódź

21-22.11.2015 International Cat Show in Łódź.

On the first day of the Cat Show our chocolate bicolor male IC Hagrid Roubenky, CZ received EX1, CAGCIB and was nominated for BEST IN SHOW !!!
On the second day he also get EX1, CAGCIB.


2015-11-08 - Werbena is Champion

Our lilac girl Werbena Cogito *PL at the International Cat Show in Poznań received EX1 winning another certificate CAC.

"Little Flower" is already a CHAMPION !!!

2015-08-22- kittens from litter H have already 2 months


Kittens from litter "H" ended just two months! On this occasion the gallery have included new pictures of each kittens.

All females are wonderfull and unique.


2015-06-27 - we have new Litter "H"


We are very happy because our cat Etta z Grodu Calisia * PL became at night mommy.
Were born 4 wonderful kittens: chocolate male, two females and female chocolate bicolor.
Father of this litter is our chocolate-white male IC Hagrid z Roubenky, CZ..


2015-06-10 - BRI TOP 2014

Cats from our cattery qualified for contest TOP BRI British cats CC for taking part in exhibitions in 2014 who belongs to FIFE and WCF. Below the results:

Verbena Cogitio * PL in the category of youth (3-10 months) received 8th place
ETTA z Grodu Calisia * PL in the category of young people (3-10 months) received 12 place
ETTA z Grodu Calisia * PL in the category of females received 11 place
HAGRID z Roubenky, CZ in the category of males received 9th place
2015-04-19 - Top BRI 2015


On the show in Kościan we received a diploma and a trophy for ETTA z GRODU CALISIA *PL for taking third place in the class of kittens and young kittens in the competition Top BRI 2015, organized by the Polish Club of  British Cats BRITANIA.

We are very happy Laughing


2015-04-04 - Born litter "G"

 Easter began brilliantly for us !!!

Werbena decided to make a surprise for us and 04.04.2015 r. birth  4 kittens, one chocolate girl, one chocolate boy and two chocolate-bicolor males.